Intentions in the New Year

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It’s a new year!!! New goals to tackle, new challenges seen and unforeseen. I’m not going to lie to you guys, this is the year that I’m claiming selfishness. I’ve learned that one must buckle down and focus if you want to level up, if you want to become your bosses boss, you have to already act like a boss. If you want to attract the right type of crowd of friends and support system, you have to already embody the type of energy you’re aiming to pursue. It’s all about intention!

I was sitting at church one day, and I’ll always remember what the pastor at the time stated, “Wherever your intention is, that is where you will land” that spoke so much to me that day, and everyday after. Ever since that day I’ve made a conscious effort to always intend to do things in which will allow me to enter into spaces that I desire, love and cherish, as well as give my mind, body and soul the proper nourishment it needs. I make sure that I set an intention everyday (sometimes I forget too, no worries, we’re human :) )

I pray that this message sends out waves to encourage you to be a little more kinder, a little more wiser, better yet, ALOT MORE! Be a lot better! But no matter how much effort, any effort is better than no effort. This year I’m aiming to better more consistent, and set out to be better than my yesterday. A real effort to become better, mixed with real intention. *gasps for air* so much could happen just by doing that! Let us not cheat ourselves in this life, let’s maximize our potential!

Peace, love and abundance to you all this 2019!

-Outtie 5k, Delena M. Lacy

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