Take Time for you

Happy February! It’s a new month! Still very early in the year! There is still time to crush all of your goals, whether that’s fitness related, emotion related, family, financial, or just loving yourself more and more (My personal fave)! As I get ready to meal prep, (listening to Wey U, by Chanté Moore, a good Sunday jam if you haven’t already added this gem to your chill vibes playlist,) I’m also looking ahead to a fresh week. Last week I fell short to temptation, which is something that I’ve struggled with in all areas. While I’ve done pretty good, I could’ve done so much better! All in all, I won’t bash myself, but I will look at this as an opportunity to keep getting better! Daily strides.

I also wanted to shed light on how very essential it is to VALUE your alone time. Sometimes I mix alone with lonely, and that’s not the case, not the case at all. See, solace is beautiful, when you can just sit back and enjoy your own company, celebration of yourself without relying on anyone to bring you that joy. If you’re single like me, and have been for awhile, you’re probably thinking, I’ve been alone for awhile! I’m tired of holding myself at night, and wishing and hoping, tired of only enjoying your own company, and maybe you’ve started to lose hope, so being alone isn’t “fun for you” anymore. Trust me, I understand, I’ve been there! But even if you are with someone and have been for awhile, those individuals still value their own individual time and space, whether that’s yoga, the gym, a massage or going out with friends. I saw all that to imply that alone time is valuable and essential! Don’t be ashamed if you’re single, and don’t be ashamed if you’re in a relationship. Love yourself! Enjoy yourself, we evolve everyday, why-not start with self?

Okay y’all, my stomach is growling, so I’m going to get started on cooking. But the take away for today and main message is to wake up everyday ready to be the best version of yourself and PROGRESS daily, not PROCRASTINATE.

Signing outtie 5k, Delena Lacy♥️

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