Hello all and welcome to Legacy 31 PR’s Blog! We are extremely excited to be sharing our vision and ideas with you all. It has taken a long time to get where we are and we are excited to share our journey with y’all. We will be dropping new content weekly right here about Public Relations- what’s trending, what’s working or not working and how to continuously grow in this ever changing field. We don’t want to be all work and no play, so we will definitely be touching on topics in culture, entertainment, trending news, our clients, and ourselves!  So without further adieu, welcome to Legacy 31 Public relations!

If you’ve visited our website or social media, then you know us! If not, no worries, it’s nice to meet you! We’re the feisty, sophisticated women behind Legacy 31, who will develop a strategy to specifically grow and enhance your brand. We have Amber, originally from Memphis, TN, who is the creator and publicist. Delena, who is originally from Saginaw, MI is the event coordinator and then Shelby, who is originally from San Diego, CA is the digital media specialist. This holy trinity will get your brand in formation!

Here at Legacy 31 we are dedicated to understanding and sharing our clients visions and ideas to create a branding plan tailored to your brands specific success. We aim to maximize your brands potential by committing ourselves to our clients' overall growth and cultivating their legacies.

As always, you can find us all on our social media — @ayeesymonee @amberlylife @revealthe.rebel

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