What does a Publicist do?

Recently, we’ve been asked by a lot of people what does a publicist do. I know publicist is a new term for some people. So I just wanted to take some time and educate our readers and potential clients on the role and the importance of a publicist.

A publicist is in charge of controlling a public image, such as a public figure or brand. A publicist helps control the narrative of how the public will view you. A publicist’s job is to serve as the liaison between the public and the client.

A huge part of a publicist’s job is to secure media for the client. In the public relations’ world, we call this media placement. For example, if you are well-known chef in your area and you hire a publicist, one of the publicist jobs could be to get you booked on a talk show, so that you can bring awareness to your talent as a chef.

Another role of publicist, argumentatively one of the biggest role of a publicist is to pitch clients to media. There are many different effective ways to pitch a client and there are many different mediums to pitch too.Every publicist has their own style of pitching.

A publicist is not a miracle worker, but a brand enhancer. A publicist is the difference between 100 people seeing your talent vs a potential 1000 + . Having a publicist is an investment, but your brand will thank you in return.

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